F-Secure has been bitching about the script so it will take a while for the next update. I'm currently waiting for the reveiw of the script to have it declared clean. After that it will be up for download.

I have a youtube channel now where i will be posting tutorials.

What is the Eclips Terminal?

The short anwser its shit. Well to be more accurate its a program coded by a 14 year old whom doesnt have a clue what he is doing. If that doesnt satisfy you here is the basic rundown. I'm a guy who learned the basics of coding batch files from youtube and is just doing stuff seeing if it works and trying. After that just rewrite it all add more features and try again.

What is up for the future?

I'm mainly adding more features and spreading the tool. I'm also working on good code explenations to post on youtube to also start getting traction and making the tool more popular. When the tool is activly being used i might add some premium features to support me.

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